RASF is proud to serve as a core site for the radiology elective rotations for the FIU College of Medicine. Our subspecialty physicians provide didactic lectures, shadowing of physicians, and observation of the acquisition and post-processing of radiological studies. We also have grand rounds lectures, multidisciplinary conferences, and other educational opportunities for the students.

The radiology rotation is an observational experience intended to provide a basic foundation in radiological education for the student. Medical students will learn about radiology as a field, principles of image formation, radiation and radiological safety, appropriate use of contrast medium, appropriate ordering of radiological exams, and the fundamentals of interpreting exams. Interpretation will focus heavily on skills all medical students may need in their internships and residencies--interpretation of plain radiographs, identification of tubes and lines, and an introductory approach to cross-sectional imaging. Medical students may rotate with the diagnostic radiology division or with the interventional radiology division. Rotating through diagnostic radiology before the interventional elective is preferred, but not required. The diagnostic radiology elective will include time on the interventional radiology service at MCVI.

Rotations will be centered at our hospitals, but may include outpatient centers as deemed appropriate.

Diagnostic radiology rotations usually begin at 8am, although on days where lecture is given the day may begin at 7:30am. Please arrive at the main radiology reading room area at Baptist Hospital.

Interventional radiology rotations begin at 7:30am; please arrive at the 3rd floor of the MCVI building on Baptist Hospital's main campus.