We have been lucky at RASF to serve South Florida for over 50 years, and over the history of the group many great accomplishments and breakthroughs by RASF physicians have been recorded. We also take seriously our commitment to help educate the public about its health care and how best to undergo diagnostic testing and interventional care.

As a result, we have been privileged to participate in news segments, live broadcasts of complicated interventional cases, media coverage of our successes, and in events for the public. We also have a busy schedule of events over the course of the year that RASF proudly helps sponsor.

As a group of radiologists deeply invested in technological advancement and innovation, we cannot help but participate in the new wave of social media and "connectedness". We think social networking and the "new media" are phenomenal ways of keeping in touch with patients' needs and questions, communicating the importance of our daily work, and distributing critical information. We will also announce fun activities and events that may interest you. We will keep you updated with Facebook and Twitter feeds. Please follow us!

RASF is proud to be the chosen provider of radiological services for South Florida's newest hospital, West Kendall Baptist Hospital.