Our Community

RASF cares about South Florida and is passionate about the community here. Through Baptist Health of South Florida, we are involved in numerous charity events and benefits. We annually participate in the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation walk, chaired by Dr. Nelson Lazo at Doctor's Hospital. One of RASF's breast imagers, Dr. Joanna Tewfik, is on the host committee of the Young Philanthropists of Baptist Health, working to improve our community and organize our health care leaders in that effort. We also participate in multiple community events, whether it is talking to the public about the importance In our daily work or attending a community fair, we keep in mind the community that supports us, and we are thankful for and humbled by the trust patients and have professionals have in our work.

All radiological studies and procedures are performed by RASF physicians headquartered right here in South Florida. We do not outsource your images to an unknown third party vendor. If yourphysician needs to speak to an RASF radiologist, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

We are not just your physicians; we are also your neighbors, the parents of your children's classmates, involved citizens of South Florida, and members of your community. Our hope is to provide the best possible health care for our community, and to help its members prosper. High-quality medicine means understanding your community and its specific health care needs, and RASF has almost 50 years of experience serving Baptist Health and its affiliates.

Help For Those Who Need It

We are committed to the concept of community care, in partnership with Baptist Health South Florida. Baptist Health is dedicated to providing high-quality, cost-effective, compassionate healthcare services to all, including, as permitted by resources, charity care to those in need. Every Baptist Health patient is given information about a financial assistance program. The charity care program is far more generous than that of the vast majority of hospitals in the U.S., including the tax-supported Miami-Dade Public Health Trust, which oversees Jackson Memorial Hospital. If you are uninsured and your household income is less than three times the federal poverty guidelines, Baptist provides free care. And investment in charity care continues to increase. Baptist Health provided $314.5 million in total charity care and uncompensated services in fiscal year 2010, up from $215.5 million in FY 2009. This includes radiological services, for which RASF gladly provides the same high-quality, subspecialized interpretations.

Fulfilling our mission to provide compassionate care to the entire community isn't only about assisting those in financial need. It is also reflected in the many services we support that lose money but are essential.