There are many ways RASF is involved in helping further science and build on the fund of knowledge available to modern medicine. We feel it is important to give back to the scientific community - all of us were trained at top-flight academic institutions with multimillion dollar research budgets and with the aim of using cutting-edge research to answer some of the world's unsolved medical mysteries, and it would be a lost opportunity if, as private practice radiologists, we were unwilling or uninterested in the calling of science.


Part of what makes RASF special and part of what separates it from other groups is that we not only support, but actively encourage, research by our members. Through work in professional societies, we guide and influence how research is funded and carried out. Many of our members actively participate in clinical trials.

We collaborate with the medical device and software industries to make sure that we participate in the latest generation of radiological innovation. RASF is proud to serve as the testing ground for new technologies, including the latest scanners, protocols, coils, transducers, and devices available in the world.

Our physicians also participate in research through our educational mentorships. We are investigating a partnership with the FIU Wertheim School of Medicine Department of Bioengineering. We also mentor medical students, residents, and fellows. We also have dedicated research fellows, including the MCVI Cook Research Scholar

Our MCVI interventional radiology fellows make a yearly research presentation to highlight their contributions to the field. Our cardiovascular imaging fellow, to begin in July 2012, will have dedicated research time to help mine the data from our high volume coronary CTA practice. Finally, through the FIU School of Medicine we serve as the department of radiology, through which we will provide mentorship for research projects by the next generation of physicians in South Florida.