Learn About Ultrasonography

Ultrasound waves are radiation-free and in the expert hands of our technologists and radiologists provide high-resolution images of your body and your baby.


In the Ultrasound section, dedication and performance matters to provide the best quality and patient service. We provide various diagnostic ultrasound studies over a wide range of applications and anatomical areas, including: abdominal, abdominal vascular, gynecologic, obstetrical, superficial structures such as thyroid and scrotum, and musculoskeletal exams. Our radiologists have fellowship-training in Ultrasound. The Ultrasound equipment is state of the art with advanced features, including 3D/4D imaging and use of dynamic clips for accurate diagnosis. We perform studies requiring special expertise, such as hernia ultrasound, sonohysterography, renal and liver doppler and neck ultrasound in thyroid cancer. Our facilities are accredited for Ultrasound by the American College of Radiology, with rigorous application of quality measures throughout the Baptist Health South Florida system. Our Ultrasound section is one of the busiest in the country with an exam volume of over 80,000 cases per year; yet our radiologists meticulously evaluate each case for clinical and imaging excellence during the patient exam.

Although Ultrasound is a very safe imaging modality, we are committed to best practices such as monitoring power output during Ultrasound in pregnancy for the most judicious use. Using ultrasound as an alternative to other radiologic modalities when possible is another initiative to promote patient safety. Our lab participates in research on scientific enhancements to sonography and is at the forefront of new Ultrasound technology. From emphasis on physics and technical performance to evidence-based protocols and interpretations, we stress the importance of thorough Ultrasound knowledge to producing the best diagnostic outcomes. We believe our patients are well-served by our superior commitment to education and advancement of the clinical practice of high quality sonographic imaging.

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