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Welcome to the RASF website! This will hopefully serve as a resource to you when you are considering a radiological test or procedure. Whether you are here to learn about your screening mammogram or about a consultation for minimally invasive treatment of varicose veins, at we offer a wide array of resources, contact information, and useful links.

Browse the diagnostic tests and interventional procedures we offer. Learn about the medical conditions that may have led you here. Find out about our exceptionally talented physicians and where you can make an appointment for a test, at a site convenient to you.

Our goal is to make your diagnostic test or procedure go as smoothly as possible. Part of that is the reassurance that we are experts in our field , and another part is information about the kind of test or procedure you may undergo. We will let you know how to prepare for your visit, what to expect, and where to make an appointment. We have several convenient locations-we know you are busy and that it is important to have centers within a short distance of our most important partner, you.