Learn About Body Imaging

Whether evaluating a patient for acute pain or making sure a cancer is gone for good, our body imaging team provides world-class CT and MRI diagnosis.

The Lung Spot

At RASF, we have a team of subspecialists who concentrate on high-level imaging of the chest, abdomen and pelvis. Fellowship-trained body imagers are important, for example, for making subtle distinctions on MRI of the liver, in oncologic studies, and with interpretation of a high-resolution chest CT. Some institutions may have a handful of protocols to manage body imaging--we have hundreds of protocols, tailored to your specific condition and case and with the radiation dose minimized at all costs. We also have dedicated 3D workstations for navigating through these challenging cases; a critical finding may sometimes only be seen by creating special views or applying a certain kind of post-processing.

The RASF body imaging team has deep expertise in handling challenging oncologic followups, difficult post-operative cases, and a variety of high-level MRI and CT applications. Some of the studies we perform include CT colonography, contrast-enhanced dynamic MRI of the liver, CT urography with 3D reformations, high-resolution chest CT, MRI of the prostate, MR-cholangiopancreatography, MR enterography, low-dose screening chest CT, and many others. All exams are tailored to body size and performed by superb technologists who keep in communication with our physicians to troubleshoot complex indications and help make sure the best possible imaging is done before the patient leaves.

Our busy service handles workflow from several CT scanners, including several 64-slice state-of-the-art machines, as well as both 1.5T and 3.0T MRI units. We also handle a wide variety of radiographic and fluoroscopic exams.