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Ricardo Cury
Ricardo C. Cury, MD

Chairman and CEO

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Radiology Associates of South Florida (RASF) website.

RASF is a leading multi-specialty group of 90+ physicians covering the fields of diagnostic radiology, interventional radiology and vascular surgery. RASF is a leading radiology private practice group in the United States and a leading and premier group in the state of Florida.

Our physicians are highly sub-specialized, all with fellowship training or focused expertise in a subspscialty of radiology, , interventional radiology and vascular surgery. The following subspecialties are available in our group: cardiovascular imaging, neuroradiology, body imaging, nuclear medicine including PET-CT, musculoskeletal radiology, ultrasonography, pediatric radiology, breast imaging, emergency radiology, interventional radiology, interventional oncology, neuro-interventional radiology and vascular surgery. Nationally and internationally recognized, many of our physicians give lectures throughout the US and outside the country in their respective fields, and serve or hold leadership positions in National Societies such as the American College of Radiology, American Board of Radiology, American Heart Association, Society of Cardiovascular CT, Society of Interventional Radiology, Society of Neuro-Interventional Surgery and others. We have more than 5 members from our practice serving as Board Examiners in the American Board of Radiology. Research is also accomplished within our practice and submitted to leading publications in the field of endovascular therapy and cardiac imaging. Many of our physicians are on faculty at the Florida International University Wertheim School of Medicine.

RASF provides services to 7 hospitals that are part of Baptist Health of South Florida–Baptist Hospital of Miami, Baptist Children’s Hospital, Baptist Cardiac and Vascular Institute, South Miami Hospital, Doctor’s Hospital, Homestead Hospital and West Kendall Baptist Hospital–and to 13 outpatient and/or urgent care centers also part of Baptist Health of South Florida (BHSF). BHSF is a leading non-profit healthcare provider in Miami-Dade County. 

We pride ourselves for excellence in imaging, interventional and vascular surgery, subspecialty expertise and personal service. 

Please navigate through this website to learn more about how we can assist patients, referring physicians and the South Florida community at large. 

Warm regards,

Ricardo C. Cury, MD

Chairman and CEO


Our members are not just superb physicians, they are also leaders in the medical field. As a leading radiology group in the country and an important partner to Baptist Health South Florida, RASF is in a critical position to influence the delivery of health care in South Florida. We take this responsibility seriously, and we have several dedicated physicians who provide management and technical expertise to our facilities and partners and who oversee the subspecialty sections of our group with an academic orientation and a relentless drive toward excellence. Gone are the days of a simplistic model of having a radiology “inbox” into which films are placed and an “outbox” into reports are issued.

We are heavily involved in every aspect of the health care process, whether it is advising our partners on patient flow through a facility, helping decide on the next generation of scanners to purchase, optimizing protocols to make sure the images are of the best quality possible, or making sure we achieve high levels of patient satisfaction and outstanding delivery of care. We assure quality control at all levels, including the contrast and medications, machinery, technologists, software, facilities, and interpretation, report-issue. We promptly and actively respond to feedback from all stakeholders. Below is a list of our leadership, although please understand that every physician in our group is tasked with ensuring excellence, improving processes, and delivering world-class results.

Executive Council

Chairman and CEO: Ricardo C. Cury, MD

Vice-Chairman: Lawrence Elgarresta, MD


Chiefs of Radiology

Baptist Hospital of Miami: Kevin Abrams, MD

Miami Cardiac and Vascular Institute: Constantino Pena, MD

South Miami Hospital: Jonathan Messinger, MD

Homestead Hospital: Kirsten Luedemann, MD

Doctor’s Hospital: Joseph Inzinna, MD

West Kendall Baptist Hospital: Stephane Lafosse , MBBS

Baptist Outpatient Services: Lawrence Elgarresta, MD

Executive Meeting
Section Chiefs

Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute Directors

Chief Emeritus of Radiology: Constantino S. Peña, MD

Medical Director, Peripheral Vascular Lab: Constantino S. Peña, MD

Program Director, IR Residency: Brian Schiro, MD

Section Chief, Inteventional Radiology: Alex Powell, MD

Section Chief, Vascular Surgery: Ignacio Rua, MD

Section Chiefs

Body Imaging: Jason Extein, MD

Breast Imaging and Intervention: Katharine Lampen-Sachar, MD

Cardiac Imaging: Ricardo Cury, MD

Emergency Radiology: Justin Rafael, MD

Interventional Radiology: Constantino S. Peña, MD

Musculoskeletal Radiology: Joseph Inzinna, MD

Neuroradiology: Kevin Abrams, MD

Molecular Imaging: Surya Chundru, MD

Pediatrics: Phil Teitelbaum, MD

Ultrasonography: Ann Podrasky, MD

Vascular Surgery: Ignacio Rua, MD

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Radiology Associates of South Florida is dedicated to providing a full range of high quality imaging and professional radiology services including body imaging, interventional radiology, musculoskeletal imaging, neuroradiology, pediatric imaging and vascular surgery.

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