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All physicians at Radiology Associates of South Florida (RASF) are fellowship-trained or have dedicated expertise in one of the subspecialties in Radiology such as: cardiac imaging, neuroradiology, body imaging, nuclear medicine including PET-CT, musculoskeletal radiology, ultrasound, pediatric radiology, breast imaging, and emergency radiology. This means that those physicians underwent additional training in a specific subspecialty area in Radiology, have focused expertise in this specific area and have seen a significant number and variety of cases in that specific field. As a result, you can rely on more accurate and precise results for your diagnosis. Please click on our physician directory to see the credentials of RASF radiologists.

Baptist Health of South Florida (BHSF) imaging facilities offer the latest in imaging technology including 1.5 and 3.0 Tesla MRI scanners, multi-detector CT scanners with low radiation dose techniques, modern PET-CT technology, ultrasound, digital radiography, digital mammography, PET mammography, bone density and fluoroscopy machines.

Each facility needs to comply with minimum ACR standards in order to follow established national protocols and guidelines and ensure patient safety. All Baptist Health of South Florida Outpatient Imaging Centers and Hospitals have ACR Certification.

Radiologists at RASF were the first in Miami and Broward Dade counties to develop and implement CT protocols tailored to each patient based on age and Body mass index (BMI) to minimize radiation exposure and maximize image quality. Also, the recent introduction of Iterative Reconstruction, available only as an upgrade or in new CT machines, can decrease radiation exposure to patients by 40-50%.

If you have an imaging study done in any of the BHSF facilities such as outpatient centers, urgent care centers or hospitals, your image will be stored and available in the PACS system allowing for future comparisons. This is very important because it enables the Radiologists and referring physicians to determine if an imaging finding is stable, progressing or regressing, thus avoiding duplicate tests and additional unnecessary and possibly costly work-up.

Making the right choice.

The last time you made a big purchase, whether it was a car, a house, or tuition for your child, you probably did research and made sure the choice was right. You might have reviewed all the specifications, performed inspections, or interviewed teachers. You weren’t going to leave it up to which option was the closest or had the slickest advertising. Your health is one of the most important things you can safeguard. Make sure that when you have something as important as a diagnostic test, that the facilities you visit are up-to-date and accredited, that the radiologists are well-trained and expert in their fields, and that you can rely on first-class diagnosis and care.

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Radiology Associates of South Florida is dedicated to providing a full range of high quality imaging and professional radiology services including body imaging, interventional radiology, musculoskeletal imaging, neuroradiology, pediatric imaging and vascular surgery.

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