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RASF is the 10th largest private practice radiology group in the country, serving the biggest health care system in the Miami area and South Florida.

This allows us to accomplish several goals – we are able to deliver the highest quality, most cutting-edge care possible. We are also able to provide subspecialty interpretation of radiological studies.

Why is subspecialization important? 

All physicians, including radiologists, attend a residency after medical school, spending several years as a resident learning about general radiology and rotating through all the different sub-fields of radiology, like neuroradiology, chest radiology, abdominal radiology, etc. When radiology was in its infancy, these radiologists performed all the tasks of the department, from reading plain films to performing catheter angiography. In the earliest days, radiologists were also the ones who delivered radiation therapy to cancer patients. As radiology developed as a field and became more advanced and complex, as well as increasingly critical to the medical world at large, it became more specialized. RASF, under the leadership of Dr. Neil Messinger at the time, early on recognized the importance of specialization and of having physicians who were specially trained in their fields. Although a general radiologist might not be familiar with complex neurosurgical approaches or keep up on the latest updates in the neurological treatment of stroke, a neuroradiologist certainly does. In order to become a subspecialist, a radiologist undergoes additional training, called a fellowship, and often takes a special additional board examination called a Certificate of Added Qualification (CAQ). We feel it is of utmost important to provide subspecialty care so that you receive the most insightful, accurate reading possible, and so that your specialty physician, whether a neurosurgeon or an orthopedist or a cardiologist, can speak in common terms and stand on common ground with our specialist radiologist. As the largest radiology group in Florida, we are able to provide a breadth and depth of radiologists unparalleled in the region. Not only are most of our radiologists fellowship trained, but many serve as board examiners for the CAQ exams required as a certification of that fellowship! 

Our interventional team, the Miami Vascular Specialists, comprise a talented team of interventional radiologists, vascular surgeons, and physician assistants who are at the pinnacle of their field. At the world-renowned Baptist Cardiac & Vascular Institute, South Miami Hospital, Doctor’s Hospital, and the University of Miami, our interventional group, under the direction of pioneers Dr. Barry Katzen and Dr. Jim Benenati have revolutionized the way health care is delivered, pushing modern medicine toward elegant, minimally invasive techniques.

Expert subspecialists provide you with unparalleled care.

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Radiology Associates of South Florida is dedicated to providing a full range of high quality imaging and professional radiology services including body imaging, interventional radiology, musculoskeletal imaging, neuroradiology, pediatric imaging and vascular surgery.

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