Learn About Molecular Imaging

We are able to image patients at a molecular level, evaluating the metabolism and function of the body. Our next-generation PET-CT scanners are the ultimate advantage in oncologic care.


The Molecular Imaging Division of RASF consists of Board Certified Nuclear Medicine physicians who have been certified by the American Board of Nuclear Medicine. The Division performs all aspects of Molecular Imaging including diagnostic cardiac, oncologic and endocrine studies utilizing radioactive tracers for both traditional nuclear medicine and PET/CT studies. The Division was among the first in the US to use SPECT/CT, PET/CT and solid state imaging devices in routine clinical practice and has been a demonstration site for many major equipment manufacturers.

Commonly performed procedures are cardiac perfusion studies for patients with proven or suspected coronary heart disease, lung scans for patients with suspected blood clots in the lungs, bone scans in patients with cancer or trauma, liver and GI blood loss studies, and PET/CT scans in patients with cancer. We also perform many endocrine imaging studies for thyroid and parathyroid disease, as well as less common endocrine abnormalities. We have been one of the earliest users of SPECT/CT technology wich provides increased anatomic information and improved diagnostic accuracy. This is of major importance in newer molecular imaging procedures such as those involving labeled antibodies or peptides where precise anatomic localization in critical.

Members of the Division have national and international reputations and have held leadership positions in The Society of Nuclear Medicine, American Society of Nuclear Cardiology, and the American College of Nuclear Medicine.

RASF is proud to be the provider of radiological and interventional services for the Miami Cancer Institute.

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