Breast Imaging
Breast Imaging

We recommend annual screening after age 40, and we have an outstanding team of specialized breast imagers providing breast MRI, PET mammography, and breast biopsy and localization.

At RASF, we know you can take charge of your health. We have a talented team of caring physicians and we can help you with all of your breast imaging needs. RASF provides services through 4 hospital-associated sites and 10 outpatient imaging centers, including the Baptist Health Breast Center at South Miami Hospital where we provide advanced breast imaging and procedures. Our imaging team has expertise in screening and diagnostic mammography, breast MRI, PET mammography, and breast needle biopsies and localization.

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We care about our community and are passionate about women’s health, and we are proud of our CareCoaches who help women with their choices having to do with breast diagnosis. Our approach to breast imaging is to involve the patient in decision-making, to provide a healing place for compassionate care, and to give the patient timely and accurate information so she can make the best possible choice about her health care.


We also have a unique CareCoach program at our breast center for women who are undergoing breast procedures. CareCoaches are available to provide compassionate, ongoing support and individualized attention before, during and after treatment. Their only job is to ease anxiety and help with whatever needs you feel you may have, whether it be finding ancillary care, making follow up appointments, questions about insurance, or just general breast care questions. If they do not have the answer they can quickly find it for you. Our caring, compassionate staff is dedicated to the prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.
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