Interventional Neuroradiology
Interventional Neuroradiology

Every second is precious when it comes to brain injury, and our team of neurointerventionalists provides innovative and round-the-clock care of tumors, aneurysms, malformations, and stroke.

Our subspecialized neurointerventional radiologists have extensive training in all aspects of endovascular intervention in cerebrovascular diseases including brain and spine vascular malformations (AVMs and AVFs) intracranial aneurysms, intracranial and extracranial stenosis, acute ischemic stroke, embolization of tumors of brain and spine and diagnostic catheter angiography.

The neurointerventional radiologists are a critical part of the neurological team, helping to evaluate, triage, and manage patients in the Neuro-ICU and emergency room. RASF is also involved in clinical trials and research within the field.

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