Pediatric Radiology
Pediatric Radiology

Children are not little adults, and they shouldn’t be treated as such. We have fellowship-trained pediatric radiologists to provide for your children and help get them back on their feet.

Open Letter to Our Community

Dear Neighbors,

At Radiology Associates of South Florida, we know that taking your child for any medical test can be an anxious experience for both of you. Because of that, the members of the Pediatric Radiology team are not just committed to professional excellence, but also to a personal relationship with our patients.

In Miami-Dade, we have a fellowship-trained pediatric radiologist staffed at the Baptist Children’s Diagnostic Center at Country Walk, just down the road from the zoo. In Broward, the Pembroke Pines Baptist Medical Plaza serves as our Children’s Imaging Center. We offer almost every type of exam that may be necessary, including x-rays, ultrasound, CTs and MRs. If sedation is necessary to complete an exam, that can be arranged as well through the Pediatric Anesthesia department. We have tried to make the environment as friendly and as non-threatening to children as possible. There are colorful decorations on the walls, video games and other diversions. We provide drinks and snacks. During the exams, the rooms have video screens with different themes (cars, princesses, undersea, sports, etc.) that your child can select to watch during his exam. Most importantly, each one of our staff, from the nurses to the technologists to the front desk personnel, has asked specifically to work with children.

All of the radiologists that work with children have completed fellowships in pediatric radiology. That means that after medical school, internships, and training in general radiology, we went on to further study at some of the top children’s hospitals in the country to concentrate on imaging kids. I trained at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. My colleagues completed their training at Yale University, National Children’s Medical Center in Washington DC, and Boston Children’s Hospital. One of us is always working at Baptist Children’s Diagnostic Center at Country Walk and is available to answer any questions you may have. If you are unable to come to that particular center for your child’s exam, we are still able to supervise and interpret the study remotely through the Baptist computer servers.

We take the goal of “image gently” very seriously. That means getting the most diagnostic information for the fewest images and least amount of radiation. Often we can suggest an alternative imaging exam to your pediatrician that gets the needed information with no radiation at all. All of our equipment is adjusted according to your child’s size to take this into account. Our centers are regularly inspected by Medical Physicists, and we maintain the highest level of accreditation with our professional society, the American College of Radiology.

If you have any questions for our pediatric radiologists or technologists, or just want to have a look around one of our pediatric facilities, you are welcome to come by, even if you don’t have an exam scheduled. You can also call us directly at 786-596-4352.

Have a Healthy Day,

Ken Mendelson, MD
Section Chief, PediatricImaging


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