Myer H. Roszler, MD
Myer H. Roszler, MD
Dr. Myer H. Roszler
Myer H. Roszler, MD

Retired Physicians

Dr. Roszler is the Director of Section of Emergency Radiology, which services one of the busiest ED radiology practices in the country. He also is in charge of the International Teleradiology practice. He is currently a Clinical Associate (vol) Professor at the University of Miami School of Medicine, and is Conference Director of the Annual ED Radiology Meeting.

Previously he was a Clinical Associate Professor of Radiology/Neurosurgery at Wayne State University, Detroit Receiving Hospital, where he wrote many of the definitive articles on radiology of IV drug abuse, cocaine abuse, trauma and resident education. He was also co-author of the American College of Radiology Educational Syllabus on emergency radiology.


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